We produce professional, yet cost effective, content driven videos featuring celebrity, political, historical, and fictional television/film character impersonators, impressionists, and character actors for live events including corporate or association gatherings, political or charity galas, and private or personal parties, as well as for new media projects including industrial films, training videos, web commercials, and viral marketing campaigns. ParodyGrams.com, Your Customized Celebrity Driven Video Solution.

With over 30 years combined professional experience in the entertainment industry, ParodyGrams’ cofounders and co-executive producers, Dustin Gold (an entertainment producer, talent manager, and CEO of William Gold Entertainment, LLC) and Ron Butler (a professional actor, the world’s best Barack Obama impersonator, and President of Out Island Entertainment, Inc.), have assembled a diverse collective of writers, producers, directors, videographers, actors, and editors who make up the ParodyGrams development team. Armed with a collaborative of creative professionals, ParodyGrams provides a turnkey production solution built around a creative, yet simple and seamless, design process which was developed specifically with their customers in mind.



A ParodyGrams executive producer will walk you through a simple interview process in order to gain a complete understanding of your vision, and will then collaborate with you until the creative direction, content driven message, and appropriate characters are locked down for your custom video.



Working under the direction of the executive producer, a talented ParodyGrams professional writer will develop a completely unique script for your custom video based on the creative guidelines and content driven message set forth during the consultation process.



Upon script approval, a ParodyGrams producer will be assigned to your project, who will oversee the scheduling of the actors, production crew, and shoot locations, procurement of any specialized wardrobe, props, and sets, and finally the actual filming of your custom video.



A ParodyGrams post-production specialist, working under the direction of the executive producer, will edit the raw footage captured during the production process and will then fuse that video with relevant supporting graphics, sound effects, background music, and voice overs.



Upon completion and final approval of your video, a ParodyGrams technical expert will ensure that your finished custom video is delivered on time, to the appropriate contact person or persons, and in your requested electronic media formats.

ParodyGrams Character Lineup

ParodyGrams.com is partnered with PoliticosComedy.com, an entertainment collaborative featuring the world’s best political, historical, celebrity, and fictional television/film character impersonators, impressionists, character actors, comedians, and voice artists for live events, as well as for television, film, and new media projects, so the ParodyGrams character lineup is consistently growing.

We currently offering the following cast of characters for your custom video project: President Barack Obama Impersonator, First Lady Michelle Obama Impersonator, President Bill Clinton Impersonator, Governor Sarah Palin Impersonator, Governor Mitt Romney Impersonator, Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump Impersonator, Entertainment Icon Joan Rivers Impersonator, Reality Star Kim Kardashian Impersonator, and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Impersonator.

With characters ranging from President Obama to President Clinton and Kim Jong Un to Kim Kardashian, the creative possibilities are simply endless.

If you’re seeking a character not listed on the current lineup, that won’t be a problem. Just inquire, and ParodyGrams will find a solution to meet your request.

Barack Obama Impersonator Ron ButlerMichelle Obama Impersonator Vernetta JenkinsBill Clinton Impersonator Tim WattersSarah Palin Impersonator Sonia KeshishianMitt Romney Impersonator Tim Warneke
Donald Trump Impersonator John Di DomenicoAbraham Lincoln Impersonator Tom KatsisJoan Rivers Impersonator Dee Dee HansonKim Kardashian Impersonator Sonia KeshishianKim Jong Un Impersonator Ray Chao


ParodyGrams.com, Unleash Your Creativity

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Dustin Gold
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M: 1-323-570-1590
W: www.iamdustingold.com

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New Character

Most Interesting Man In The World Impersonator John Di Domenico

This month we bring you the Most Interesting Man In The World from character actor and comedian John Di Domenico


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